30 June 2008

Blogging Holiday

Just a not to say that I've neither died nor forgotten about Patriots and Peoples. Rather, I've been much too busy with Pacific Northwest history and my chess activities (not to mention a little yard work) to maintain my effort in working through A Patriots History of the United States and A Peoples History of the United States. But I will be at it again by mid-July.

I'm still chipping away at two more essays regarding Carnage and Culture: a detailed examination of the Conquest of Tenochtitl├ín and my assessment of the Use of Hanson in A Patriot’s History. I'm also beginning to get a sense of the skewed views of the colonial period and the causes of the American Revolution by Howard Zinn, on the one hand, and Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, on the other. Although both perspectives have some merit, it is difficult to embrace either without throwing out a good deal of excellent secondary scholarship.

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