11 December 2007

History News Network

I've just discovered that the History News Network has added this site to their extensive blogroll of history weblogs. Their extensive list is well worth a glance through for anyone interested in the past and its influence over the present and future.

My thanks also go out to Jon Swift, the first to blogroll me; Doghouse Riley, who offered a nice recommendation; D. Cupples at Buck Naked Politics; and the blogger of Dancing with Myself. Thanks to all.


transformation said...

just a good hearty hello from Seattle, through our very good friend, the most esteemed Robert Pearson.

BTW, in passing only: have you read Braudel, or Toynbee, or Spengler or Dilthey?

polyhistorically [dict: polyhistor, master of many histories], yours truly,

david k, aka dk

James Stripes said...

No on Dilthey, and only a tiny bit of Toynbee and Spengler. A bit more few of Braudel.

One day many years ago, before I started graduate school, I was a substitute teacher in a seventh grade math class and the kids didn't have enough work to keep them busy. I created a couple of quick story problems from the Braudel"s The Structures of Everyday Life, which I happened to have with me.

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