19 December 2008

Historic Storm: More Photos

My brother in Virginia asked for more photos of eastern Washington's winter storm.

At 4:00pm yesterday, it had temporary stopped snowing after coming down for more than thirty hours. With my trusty "scientific" measuring tape, I found almost 22", just under the 23" reported on the television.

We had this much snow last winter. The quantity is not significant, but how fast it fell. Last year's storm was substantial and lasted a week. As much snow fell in a day this year. Last year's storm created inconveniences, and called for mammoth snow removal efforts by city and county governments, and many private contractors. This year, the storm shut down many activities.

Our morning paper never arrived yesterday, and today's was delivered in the afternoon. The mail carrier has not been to our house since Wednesday. Many businesses have closed early, and others did not open yesterday or today.

More snow is falling, and we may get quite a bit this weekend. The snow is very dry--perfect for skiers. Because it is dry, it creates greater snow depth, but will pack down over time.

Up the street across a busy arterial, upon which there was no traffic yesterday, but plenty today, a neighbor was creating paths in the street. It may be days before the snow plows come down the residential streets. This extra time helps us move much of the snow so cars on the street don't get plowed in.

As I was typing this entry, I got the call to meet an associate in a nearby parking lot so he wouldn't need to risk my street to deliver some goods. Once I got away from the curb, I ran some other errands, and took along my camera.

Division and Buckeye at 4:30pm

A Car Parked at the Bank

Equipment for those Without Four-Wheel Drive

More from Yesterday

The Gate

X-mas Tree

Our Street

1 comment:

Doghouse Riley said...

Reminiscent of December '76 here, when snowflakes the size of toy poodles would fall for eighteen hours at a stretch. That one continued through January and culminated in the infamous Blizzard of '77 that shut down the city for three days.

So you might stock up on bread and toilet paper.

I did get to know my wife at that time, if you catch my meaning, as there was much time and little to do.

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