10 January 2009

Obama's Healthcare Plan

A new study has located an unexpected source of opposition to President-Elect Obama's plans to extend health care to the more than nine million children without coverage: the children themselves. I found the link at John Fea's excellent The Way of Improvement Leads Home.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I was ignorant of the Onion News Network, but it's clear they are getting the scoop on Fox.

Study: Most Children Strongly Opposed To Children's Healthcare


Doghouse Riley said...

Try to resist the urge to gulp down large amounts of Onion News at once, however tempting. And don't miss the high school Tonys.

James Stripes said...


Thanks. Onion News can be intoxicating I quickly learned, but, as with large quantities of grilled onions on fried liver or polish sausages, there are consequences of over indulgence. I learned this lesson the hard way with HST a few years ago.

I'll watch for the Tonys.

Brad Hart said...

Mr. Stripes:

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for adding American Creation to your blog list. We appreciate it! We will be sure to add your excellent blog to our list as well.

Again, thanks for stopping by and visit whenever you can!

James Stripes said...


Thanks for stopping. American Creation is a terrific blog that does well to send the focus back to the sources when considering many contentious questions an assertions regarding the place of religion in American public life. Whether the question concerns George Washington's views or the views of these founders by the likes of James Kennedy, American Creation offers credible sources and analysis.

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