18 December 2008

Record Snowfall

The weather service recorded 17 inches of snow at Spokane International Airport in the 24 hours that ended at 4 a.m., 4 inches more than the record of 13 inches set in 1984. Records have been kept since 1881.
"Record snow fall paralyzing Spokane," Seattle Times, 18 December 2008
Records have been kept at the airport since 1881?

As I wrote yesterday, the official snowfall at the airport generally runs a few inches less than in my back yard. Some of my neighbors have convinced the local news that 23" have fallen in north Spokane. My measurements give us something close to 21" in the 24 hours from 8:00am yesterday until the same time this morning, and the snow continues to fall almost five hours later.

Meanwhile, the city of Las Vegas also is shut down with a record snowfall of a bit over 3 1/2".

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